As mentioned earlier, HoverBall is strongly based on the sport of basketball. The court is essentially the same, although it is a hologram projected in the air:

The basics of the game are essentially the same as basketball. To score, one must place the ball through the hoop in order to score two (2) points for his team. Beyond the outer arc on either side of the court, every basket made is worth three (3) points.

There are four (4) quarters of play, twelve (12) minutes each. If the score is tied at the end of the fourth quarter, there is an overtime period of five (5) minutes. There will be as many overtimes as necessary to determine the outcome of the game.

All basic violations and rules follow those of basketball, with a few exceptions. Playing in the air eliminates certain challenges and creates new ones. For example, traveling violations are no longer possible, considering it is difficult to dribble a ball while flying. Goaltending in basketball is defined as obstructing a ball on its downward path towards the basket, and it is illegal. However, in HoverBall, goaltending is legal at all times except when in the goaltending box around the basket. The box has the dimensions of six (6) by four (4) feet. In addition the time to cross the half court when on offense is increased from eight (8) to ten (10) seconds.

The players are able to travel are able to travel through the air by the use of HoverBoards, such as the one shown below:

The ball is made of a plutonium alloy:

Its texture allows for the fast action of HoverBall.