HoverBall is the successor to the popular 20th-21st sport of basketball. Toward the mid 21st century, basketball was begining to lose its popularity as the world became too technically advanced for the simplicity of such a sport. In 2067, the National Basketball Association lost complete popularity and closed down officially because of revenue loss.

Around the same time, revolutionary members of the NBA administration tried to come up with a new idea to bring back basketball, with a new twist. One ardent advocate of this plan was former Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations, Rajesh Srinivasan, the eventual founder of HoverBall in 2070.

However, due to low funds, the HoverBall Association (HBA) started slowly. However, after a small local television station in Los Angeles began televising all of their teams' games. By 2076, HoverBall became a national phenomenon and the league expanded.

In 2096, the HBA made a list of the 10 greatest players of all time at each of the five positions and held a ceremony to honor the people which made our league gain the success that it has today.