HBA fan Aditya Tammewar says: "I just can't get enough HoverBall. I do not understand how people can live without the desire to be flying around on HoverBoards all day. The excitement is just unreal. My parents tell me about this loser thing called basketball in their day, and i would have hated to live back then."


Our second fan, Ashely Phillips (also seen on the Home page) claims: "I simply love this sport. I mean, what can be cooler than a bunch of guys flying around and almost killing themselves by throwing stuff around while on HoverBoards. Its just so exciting to watch!"


Last but not least, we have Elena Czubiak as our third Fan of the Week: "For the longest time, i was uninterested in HoverBall, but when i started watching with my friends, I got HOOKED. My favorite aspect of the game is the speed at which it is played. I just can't find anything not to love about HoverBall!"