About extreme life:

The Extreme Life, or X-Life, is an organization of those who believe that everyone must go hardcore or go home. Everything done here is pushed to the limits of reality in terms of extremity. This means that the members drink Mountain Dew and other equally extreme energy drinks, participate in the extreme sports (BMX, skateboarding, snowboarding, etc.), and do whatever they can to not look like the everyday boring people of society. This usually means tattoos, mohawks, and body-scars from instense wipeouts are their attire. To be extreme is a lifestyle, which means that bands, drinks, sports, clothing, and a general attitude make up how X-Life lives. This organization was created in 1993 under the leadership Mike Destruction (legal name Ted Yolonda). Beginning as a group of males wanting to assert their manhood, it soon grew and fit perfectly with the extreme lifestyle. Though the "internet" is not normally viewed as extreme, X-Life took extreme measures to increase membership and open the eyes of those who weren't living by the Code.