Alex Rickett - alexrickett <at> ucla <dot> edu
Kristyn Solie - kjsolie <at> gmail <at> com


This course will focus on games as an artistic medium. Students will learn about the expressive and aesthetic potential of games, and learn to think critically about games as a medium. We will explore art both inside and outside the context of games.


The goal of this class is to empower students to use games as a medium for self expression. Students will learn the basics of working with 3D software and high level game construction in Unity3D. Students will then use these skills to build explorable 3D worlds, populated with characters of their own creation.


Day 1: Understanding Games
- What is a game? What are games about? Who makes games?
- Explore examples of unconventional games
- Introduction to Unity, working in 3D

Day 2: Game Color
- How can games be used a tool for self expression? The role “color” in games
- Creating assets with Photoshop and the Unity Mesh Creator

Day 3: Mechanics
- What unique possibilities do the medium of games offer?
- Using Physics and coding to create behavioral richness in games
- Discuss ideas for the final project

Day 4: DIY!
- DIY Games: Why? How?
- Work on final project
- Prepare projects for display in the exhibition