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Designing THE FINAL PROJECT ! ! 1 i ¡ , .

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Now that you know the basics of using Unity it's time to start working on your final projects for the class!

Today, we will focus on creating larger, more playable feeling game worlds, as well as some easy ways to add some simple game play mechanics and visual flair to your game.

Final Project Description

Your final project will be a 3rd person exploratory platformer, in which the player must collect a number of items scattered throughout the world to complete the and proceed to a win screen.


• A unique animated character

- Must use at least 2 different animation scripts from the "Limbs" or "Scripts" folder

- In scripts, try rotator, jitterer, CuteJitter

• A least 5 different mesh creator constructions

- Not just 1 image extruded!

- each composed of at least four 3D mesh creator pieces, constructed from at least 2 different images.

- Buildings, other characters, signs, plants, animals, fences, telephone poles, block towers

- Many of these you will duplicate many times in your game

• Your world should be big!

- It should take a few minutes to traverse the explore the wholething

- You can enlarge your meshes to make more floor space!

- Think about adding exploration in vertical space too! Make make a giant staircase, platforms into the sky, or use the teleporter, or launch on trigger scripts

• The majority of the graphics should be your own creation!

- If you use images from the internet, you should be combining them, in an interesting way like collage

Some Examples of Games with interesting environments to explore

Kristyn's Game (demo in class)

Mario 64 (Ugly, but fun to run through!)

Flyguy (2D, but still a good example)

Slave Of God


Planning Tasks

Based on the guidelines above, draw up a plan for your game (on paper) The plan should include...

• The theme, or backstory of your game

- It should be crazy and dreamlike. It doesn't need to make sense!

• Some rough concept art sketches

- What will your character look like? What will be some of the set pieces in your world?

- You should have some idea as to how you will make them using the techniques we've learned so far!

• Sketch a map of your world

- Think about the path the player might take through your world. It is often effective to design the world by imagining where the player could go next.

- Don't just draw a top down map! Try your world from the side so we can imagine where the player goes in vertical space (towers, mountains, pits, cliffs, etc...)

Check in with an instructor!

The instructors will meet with each of you to give you feedback on your idea, and to to ensure that it is appropriately ambitious for the amount of time we have left. Embrace limitations!

Drag 'n Drop + Random Tips


collectible, rotator, jitterer, cute, jitter, launch, teleport, moving platform, trail, particles, wanderer