Gabbie and I collaborated on this study. Our study for the witness assignment explored the behavior of an audience in an artificial social/anti-social situation.  The setup included a taped 4 x 3 grid on the ground labelled battleship style. We projected a video in the background that began with Gabbie and I dancing above our phone numbers to Fuck Buttons – Surf Solar. We started by texting each other coordinates to dance in. We used google voice windows to show the texting transcript in order to show the audience how to participate in the performance. The video would then periodically display the phone numbers of our classmates to prompt others to text each other coordinates to join us in the grid.
Gabbie covered most of what the class had to say in her reflection. The class felt that the environment and music was inviting enough for them to feel comfortable joining in the dance party.  They were however confused by the grid system and that the grid was maybe too wide to illicit the desired awkwardness of bodies being close to each other.  The feedback from the class was very helpful in terms of preparing for the final performance.  We took what was sucesssful and tried to polish them for the final performance.

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