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  1. Lauren Says:

    David Elliot & FutureFarmers, Human Powered Chatbot – http://hadto.net/category/projects/human-powered-chatbot
    Hyperallergic article about artists using Twitter – http://hyperallergic.com/6700/social-media-art-pt-2/
    Johanna Reed, It’s a Question – http://johannareed.net/question.html
    On Kawara, I Got Up At… – http://www.moca.org/pc/viewArtWork.php?id=30
    Marisa Jahn, MetaFormances – http://www.marisajahn.com/art/MetaFormances_book.htm
    Yes Men, New York Times Special Edition – http://theyesmen.org/hijinks/newyorktimes

  2. Lauren Says:

    Jens Wunderling, Default to Public – http://www.defaulttopublic.net
    David on Demand – http://articles.cnn.com/2010-06-14/tech/david.on.demand_1_webcam-real-time-real-time?_s=PM:TECH

  3. Lauren Says:


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