Emily Beattie (World Arts and Cultures)
Lauren McCarthy (Design | Media Arts)

Chandler McWilliams (Design | Media Arts)

Meetings: Wednesday 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Office Hours: Wednesday 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Broad Art Center, 3246


This independent study course will embody a workshop or laboratory format, exploring relationships between performance and technology. We will investigate the approaches of practitioners situated at this intersection, through readings, screenings, physical experiments, and discussions. Through a series of performed studies, students can expand their own understanding of what constitutes performance and technology. Meets weekly for 3 hrs, 3 hrs of independent work required outside of class. (2.0 units 199 independent study credit, class limit 6)


The grading is based on the performed studies, and on the participant’s preparation and active participation during the class meetings. Evaluation will also consider the individual’s development and process over time based on the accumulation of the studies and journal posts.
Attendance at all sessions is required, students are responsible for contacting instructors if extenuating circumstances arise to arrange to make up the missed lab session. Absences without the instructor’s prior approval will lower the participant’s final grade by one unit (i.e. an A will become an B).

20% study 1
20% study 2
20% study 3
20% final performance
20% participation/preparation

Course Structure/Performance Assignments

Four studies will be developed around the following themes:

1. Analog-Digital
2. Agitation-Propaganda
3. Witness
4. Reiteration


All readings will be posted on the materials page so students do not need purchase any books. The readings will primarily come from the following sources:

Cohen-Cruz, Jan, ed. Radical Street Performance. New York: Routledge, 1998.
Wardrip-Fruin, Noah & Montfort, Nick, ed. The New Media Reader. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2003.
Bishop, Claire, ed. Participation: Documents of Contemporary Art. Cambridge: MIT Press, 2006.
Critical Art Ensemble. The Electronic Disturbance.

Use of Technology
Students will each choose one technology to work with throughout all five performance studies. Possible options for this will be explored in the first two class meetings. Students are requested to bring a laptop computer to all class meetings if possible.