Final review

Heeding the advice of my peers from the witness study, I built on top of the critique and made the following changes:
1) I constructed a longer version of my sweater top, so that it reached down to the top of my thighs. This changed the visual experienced, as the top covered all of my torso, and the amount of yarn took longer to unravel.
2) I added a variety of choreographed movements, to be used accordingly. Aside from upper body/arm movement, leg movement was also used in this performance.
3) Instead of attaching the yarn to the sewing machine at the beginning of the performance, everything came out already set up, so that the action doesn’t put myself in any strong position in relationship with the action of the audience.

Out of the comfort zone of a familiar audience, it was fascinating to see their relationship with the machine and me. The audience were engaging, but only by a few. The rest were spectators who waited upon each other to participate. Some came up out of curiosity and dabbled in it, while others stayed longer to see the effect they were causing. There were awkward moments when the participants thought they were “messing up” the performance and felt obligated to “fix it,” at one point even apologizing verbally. With an audience outside of our class that doesn’t know the exact performance, it created another aspect of the performance in which the failure blurred the lines of what was or what wasn’t part of the performance.

The outcome this time was different from the study. The yarn was completely stripped from me, my upper body exposed completely. The reactions from certain participants were difficult to explain, since people from the class chose to partake, and the new audience were skeptical of whether their actions were premeditated. Later comments expressed that the end was anti-climatic since I was covered up, but all parts of the process was left up to the collective choice of the audience, and be it good or bad. This performance was just as much about the participants’ choices and actions as it was about mine.

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