For the final performance Gabbie and I performed our witness study.  We tried to polish the mechanics of the performance for the final performance.  The first thing we changed was the numbering system of the gird.  Instead of a 4 x 3 grid, we opted for a 3 x 3 grid with numbered squares.  With the increased number of audience members and reduced number of squares, the likelihood of a multiple bodies in the same square increases greatly. We also realized that we would have to implement a mechanism to display the phone numbers of those who have texted us in real time because we would not be able to gather phone numbers in advance.  By using a processing sketch that pulled data from twitter, we would be able to tweet phone numbers and have them appear in the sketch.  Because of all the things that needed to go on we decided to use Lauren as a assistant to both text back and tweet numbers.  We asked her to text everyone to certain locations throughout the piece, allowing for progression in the piece.  We however did not anticipate so many texts streaming in that lauren had to give up on the twitter.  Even though the twitter feed failed, the performance greatly benefitted from the fact that most of the audience knew each other and could text each other. Visually we kept the hotline aesthetic but made the instructions more clear and gave the audience a heads up to text us.  Instead of starting by texting each other, we waited for people to start texting us coordinates, that way it would be more obvious that audience participation would be essential.  We also included an extra decision making element by allowing for participant ejection but everyone was too busy dancing/texting to realize that even happened.  Overall I feel the performance was very successful even with the technical flaws.  It successfully created the artificial social/antisocial situation that we were looking for.

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