For my final performance, I decided to combine all of my products from previous exercises into one performance. I wrote a script, with several one liners. The entire performance was based off of body language and the connection it has to emotions. There were 10 roles for emotions. There was embarrassment, delight, interest, despair, hysteria, surprise, frustration, angst, hostility, and gratitude.

The way I started off my performance, I had a stack of 10 scripts which I handed to an audience member, whom I then asked to hand out to 10 other people in the audience. The first page on the script read: If you are holding this script walk over to the mic and begin. A group of people came up to the mic and began reading their highlighted lines. On the opposite side of the EDA, I strapped the megaphone onto the stair rail. Whenever a line was said I would perform some sort of action that depicted what was being read in the script. For example, for Angst, I would stomp around in a circle and yell “Why Why Why Why Why”. As the script came closer and closer to being finished, My distance from the performance would reel in. Overall, I think that my performance was successful sans the setup and placement of objects and performers.

If I could redo it, I would not strap the megaphone onto one stable spot, I would carry the megaphone around with my in hand, and I would get rid of the table in the middle of the stage, have the mic hanging from the ceiling swinging around in mid air and have participants choose where they want to be in terms of reading out their lines on the script and into the mic.

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