Matt Miller

Final Performance Reflection

Mar 9, 2011 by Matt

For my final presentation, I chose to do my Witness assignment. I set up the alarm and created little signs and a poster demonstrating how to disable it. I added a much more irritating noise, and we planned it to run as people came in, got food and socialized. I think the piece as a whole was much more successful as this type of installation, rather than being a performance that had a clear beginning and end. It was better that there was no apparent ending at first. The responses I got were great, judging by all the annoyed faces I saw. I think the show was really a great opportunity for this type of project, because the space is small and with a lower number of people, it really becomes a chore to tend to the alarm. I noticed some people have fun turning it on and off, but that fun seemed to fade quickly, especially because of the other people around that would have preferred that it just remained off. I think this type of environment would have also worked well for my agit-prop piece, as I think it sort of requires the same willingness of the audience to participate.

Witness Reflection

Mar 9, 2011 by Matt

For my witness assignment, I created an alarm that could only be deactivated by a person standing in a marked box with their arms up and in front of them. The area in which their hands had to be floating was specific to where the person was standing, so if they moved from the box, the alarm would sound. I wanted it to be a sort of silent negotiation between people to stop the alarm, and to see at which point individual endurance is challenged for the better of a group. So as arms became tired, either a person would fill in, or the alarm would continue to sound. From the feedback I received, I think it became much more of a game than I had planned. Everybody seemed to think this was mainly because the noise that I had chosen for the alarm wasn’t very irritating or annoying, but more like a loud rhythm.  Otherwise I think Shoji’s response was exactly what I was going for, you wiggle around to find out what position stops it, and then you are sort of stuck (literally) with a “now what?” feeling.

Agit-Prop Reflection

Mar 9, 2011 by Matt

Sorry this is a little late, I thought it was posted.

For this assignment, I made a program that blurred text as a person would get closer to read it, and came into focus the further away they were. The text was a paragraph of personal details about myself. My original intention was to create a program that played with hearsay and rumors. So the simple concept was that the truth would be hard to see. Because the text is set tightly, the blurring words became less legible and I wanted people to have to guess at what the truth was. I also wanted this experience to be fairly annoying, in acting against our general relationship with reading and focal distances. From the feedback I received, I think the piece would definitely be more affective as an installation that people could freely walk by, maybe like a street sign or something. One comment was that the fun of it was in seeing others get frustrated by it, so I think that would really help. For the in-class performance I think I might have created too much instruction for people to interact with it, when all I really needed them to do was walk around it for a little bit. Otherwise, it seemed to go very well. I am surprised at how good Lauren’s vision is!


Jan 13, 2011 by Matt

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