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final show videos

Apr 13, 2011 by Lauren

final show!

Mar 14, 2011 by Lauren

cindy chi

hunter bird

gustavo cordova

mimi tang

shoji yamasaki

wesley chou and gabbie bautista

dongyi wu

matt miller

sign ups for individual meetings

Feb 26, 2011 by Lauren

Please sign up for a time to meet with Emily and me to talk about your final performance. If none of these times work for you, email us and we’ll arrange something else. Just edit this post and add your name after the slot you want. Also, if you want help choosing which study to perform for the final, feel free to email us!

Weds, March 2
2:00 hunter
3:00 – mimi
3:20- gabbie
3:40 – dongyi
4:00 – priscilla
4:20 – gustavo
4:40 – shoji
8:00 – cindy
8:20 – matt
8:40 – wesley


Feb 24, 2011 by Lauren



Witness Notes

Feb 17, 2011 by Lauren

“Bearing witness as performance uses heightened means to direct attention onto actions of social magnitude, often at sites where they actually occur, and form a perspective that would otherwise missing. Witnessing supposes a connection between knowledge and responsibility.”

“A person who bears witness to an injustice takes responsibility for that awareness. That person may then choose to do something or stand by, but he may not turn away in ignorance.”

Summing up our discussion last night, a witness performance unfolds around the audience, encompassing them, and casting them in the role of witnesses. In doing so, the audience members are implicated, and required to make a choice (either immediately or later for a longer term…). While the performance does not need to be participatory, the audience should feel involved, not merely like innocent bystanders.

Presenting next week will be Gustavo, Matt, Mimi, Dongyi, and Shoji. Gabbie, Hunter, Priscilla, Cindy, and Wesley will be the week after. We will meet in the EDA, you can perform there or another location around Broad (let us know by Sunday night if it you want to present somewhere further than the building).

Marina Abramovic, Rhythm 0, 1974

Valie Export, Tapp- und Tastkino (“Tap and Touch Cinema”), 1968

Yoko Ono, Cut Piece, 1965
Faye Driscoll, 837 Venice Blvd, 2009
Jaekyung Jung, Sohin Wang, Hit Here If You Feel Victimized, 2008
Markus Kison, Touched Echo, 2008
Yanira Castro, Dark Horse/Black Forest, 2009
Jin Jung, What Is It?, 2009


Feb 10, 2011 by Lauren

Call for Proposals: Anatomy Riot #39

Feb 7, 2011 by Lauren

We do not make work in a vacuum, but in a continuum, consciously or unconsciously quoting, referencing, channeling, translating. How can we challenge ourselves to make our work permeable, resist foreclosing possibility, to invite the viewer in? This March, Anatomy Riot invites performance proposals for short, low-tech performances that challenge the autonomy of the maker, inviting participation, chance, transparency, vulnerability, sociability, relational aesthetics, dialogue, or a peek at process. Works in progress are welcome as are interdisciplinary projects or dance films.

March 14th, 2011
Co-curated by Alissa Cardone & Allison Wyper
Venue: TBA

Please email a short description, short bio
and link to any online worksamples to: and
with the subject line: (Your Name) Anatomy Riot March 2011 Proposal

With low-tech, do-it-yourself spirit in an easygoing setting, Anatomy Riot is an ongoing (almost) monthly dance/performance series, curated by choreographer Meg Wolfe & guest curators. Anatomy Riot started in October 2005 on a 10-foot stage in the back of a sushi bar/rock club and has been steadily growing audiences since: appearing around town in bars, small theaters, lofts, studios, and warehouses. AR encourages creative exploration and provides a platform for local artists to share what’s new and what’s in the works; the audience is provided with an opportunity to see a diversity of works by up-and-coming & seasoned artists.

“Anatomy Riot’s “grab a drink and sit a spell” philosophy is just the sort of shot in the arm that the Los Angeles dance scene needs. Curator Meg Wolfe’s choice of bar-type environments acts as the impetus for creative experimentation and lively discussion. Anatomy Riot can seem a down-and-dirty approach to dance presentation, but who better to get down and dirty than a bunch of dancers?” (flavorpill l.a., 2006)

Anatomy Riot is about artist development and building community. More than 200 artists have performed at Anatomy Riot since its start. Deliberately low-tech, it is one of the few forums in Los Angeles for artists to share their experiments and investigations in an early state of development.

Anatomy Riot is a project of Show Box LA.


Feb 3, 2011 by Lauren

fiducial performance by cindy

plan for wednesday

Jan 26, 2011 by Lauren

Hi All,

We will be meeting in 5240 tomorrow to view Hunter’s sketch. After that, we will be moving to 3261 and having a catch up week. We’ll also talk about agit-prop and the next assignment. Plan on a shorter class to relax a bit after the longer sessions we’ve had the past couple weeks!

See you tomorrow,

schedule adjustments

Jan 20, 2011 by Lauren

We were impressed with your efforts and also your willingness to stay engaged for that marathon session last night! However, it seems more realistic to split the performances up with 5 people per week from now on, so we have some more time to discuss each one and won’t run over. To make this possible we have cut the Integration study so there will now be just three studies and the final performance. Please see the updated schedule for more info. Also don’t forget your reflection posts (in the future there will be time in class after the performances to do this)!