Cindy Chi

Final Performance Reflection

Mar 8, 2011 by Cindy

For my final performance I made a whole lot more cake pops. Some changes that I made: I added new flavors (red velvet, vanilla, pumpkin, strawberry). I listed all the ingredients as they were (no made up ones) and I did so vertically this time. At the top of the screen it read “BEWARE! MAY CONTAIN:” to warn people to check.

Many people were asking me what was in them until they discovered they could do it one their own. I decided that I didn’t want to deter anyone from eating them but I did want there to be a selection process, which is why I had flavors and no bad ingredients. There were some people who couldn’t eat some ingredients or didn’t some some of them and so my intent worked pretty well as a warning.

The challenges were usually when people just had no idea what the pops were there for. I had instructions for the holding the cake pop to the webcam, but not too close… still people would love to hold it really close and it wouldn’t work. All in all though, all my codes worked and people were pretty amused with it. They were having fun, checking for their favorite flavors and seeing if there were any bad ingredients. One person joked that they wanted to check there was no poison in their pop.

All in all I think the performance was successful and it was really fun to do. People enjoyed eating them and really enjoying having their codes read.


Jan 13, 2011 by Cindy


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