agit-prop study

Thanks for a great class everyone!

Here is a recapitulation of the info I gave about agit-prop study today:

Agit-Prop Prompt:

Create a peformed study with your technology that brings awareness to a particular issue that you find needs more attention.

The direction of the perfromance should leave little room for how you want the viewer to experience the information and little room for wondering what your ( the CREATOR!!!) stance is on the issue.

This are again between 5-7 mins studies that get straight to the point of your point.

Helpful Directives:

When dreamng up these studies perhaps it is helpful to consider the human element.

1- Think about the function of your technology: What did it simplify? Did it simplify life for everyone or just some people?

2- Who is allowed/is considered normal to use this technology? Who is not allowed to use it? Why? Who Says!!?

3. Think about audience reactions, your reflections, and random thoughts triggered from the analog/digital studies you performed last class! Don’t re-invent the wheel, build on your skill sets and knowledge from the last experience.

Good Luck! Always come talk to us if you have questions!


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