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Wk 9-Nanotechnology-Gindy Nagabayashi

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Nanotechnology. What does nano mean? Literally looking at the prefix nano means 10 to the power of -9 of something, so nanotechnology 10^-9 technology. Does this mean we’re looking at something infinitesimally small? According to Vesna and Gimzewski nanotechnology marks the shift of how we view reality “from a purely visual culture to one based on sensing and connectivity.” I agree that “this new science will eventually revolutionize and impact every single aspect of our lives.” I believe that nanotechnology will influence how we approach ecology and sustainability. It makes sense that these two ideas converge. One of the major concerns of this century is ecological responsibility and with the emergence of nanotechnology infiltrating our culture, emerges nano-ecology. One author, Doug Mulhall, proposes that nanotechnology has the potential to introduce more efficient ways to waste management than the current methods. This field of nano-ecology is in its infancy.
On another note, upon searching up nano landscapes, I came across an artist named Michael Oliveri, an artist who explored nanoscale landscapes. His exhibit called innerspace, captures landscapes using a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) of samples from materials generated from scientist Zhengwei Pan. Pan heated metals until they vaporize. In this process the metals settle down to form various shapes. Oliveri used SEM to capture these samples combining them to create panoramas that resemble landscapes. The particular artwork I was interested in was the “The Fractal Geometric Valley”. This valley consists of scans of zinc oxide. The combined effect is beautiful. Oliveri’s work reminded me of a desert landscape, such as this one. The realism of the artwork is so convincing because of the seemingly rough terrain and contrasting textures. The interesting note is that this artwork captures the natural interactions of zinc oxides. Other artwork could stem from this idea, by taking SEM of other metals or materials.

-Gindy Nagabayashi