How to blog

There are some general guidelines on how to write your weekly blog posts.

1. Please include your name, week #, and a post title in the title of your blog, e.g. (week1 \ a title \ Alberto Pepe).

2. Select the appropriate category (e.g. ‘week1_twocultures’) to post into.

3. There is no standard format for your blog post. As far as I am concerned, you can write a short essay (~2-3 paragraphs), or you can write a poem, or you can draw something, or write a song, or write a piece of code (e.g. an algorithm to draw fractals). These are all accepted, as long as it is your own work. In most cases, try to find and discuss an example of a project or a piece of work that successfully combines the topics of the week.

4. Be creative and critical. You don’t have to agree with everything we say in class. But when you criticize, ground your discussion in work that you’re familiar with.

5. Please include web links to the sources you cite. General weblinks (e.g. wikipedia or online newspapers) don’t help much. Try to find releavant academic literature (e.g. search Google Scholar or how about the UCLA library?)

6. spelling/grammar is important, but if you write poems I give you full artisitic license.

7. Blog posts are due every sunday at midnight.