Week 8 / Space / Erum Farooque

space-18Space is an extremely vague and broad topic. It can mean distance from one point to another, the area that surrounds, or even the vast enormity beyond Earth, outer-space. Art in space can be seen through the beautiful planets, stars and how everything is oriented. Space (on Earth) is very valuable and everyone tries to conserve and utilize their space to its max potential, and maximize their space itself as well.

Gil Kuno was an amazing presentor on Thursday. I found his projects especially interesting. All the different art projects he has worked on are all so different, unique, fascinating and exciting each in their own way. I really liked his ideas because he used music and video, two things that always grab my attention (such as the entertainment industry). He did different projects that used space to produce video or sound in a new remarkable way. One such project is the Pogophonic in which pogosticks are used as instruments. The idea is very unique to me and i have never heard of someone using a pogo stick to make music. The video is funny as you watch two guys jump on pgo sticks and they are actually making music and puttin on a show, which is ironically funny idea. http://www.unsound.com/SoundArt/Pogophonic/index.html¬†space-22This idea utilizes the space we already have to create new forms of art and new expressions through music. Composition 20/40 is basically the same idea but with a ping pong table instead. Making the ping pong table and the pogo stick the input/output for the audio lets¬†people create brilliant compositions with other random devices, apart from musical instruments. The vortex project projects different projections onto a dome and many of them imitaing space to create a virtual representation of space that is beautifully artistic. Another project that really stood out to me as well was the video art called Haze. It used the sculpture right outside UCLA’s broad art center. Filling it with haze caused various shapes and patterns to form. The movement of the haze was so soft and beautiful, it was very inticing to watch. The mysterious movements were very much like outer-space. The haze is mystifying and you never know what it will do next or where it will go now, just like we do not know what space is like, not entirely anyways. Space is so big, we have no idea yet how big, what else is there and if there more life out there. The haze moves in accordance to the heat inside the bowl-like sculpture.space-25

Lastly, I would like to discuss Gil Kuno’s Unsound Classic. It takes a picture and creates music to that picture. It is quite amazing and it geniously combines two different types of space together into one beautiful stimulating project. Syncing and converting audio to video is a unseen idea by me so i am greatly intrigued bby this. So, I found a youtube video of a project in which some did the opposite of what Kuno did in Unsound Classic. Instead of converting a picture to sound, this person converts music into pictures. You cna see the efficient use of space as the pictures move in accordance with the music.


Throughout this post, I have included some pictures of Space Art. The unseen and seen uspace-06niverse is artistically beautiful.

~Erum Farooque

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