Final_Abstract/ Blind Dating/ Ariel Alter

Online dating makes your eyes red and your fingers tired. Systematically, I, uh I mean, you, dear reader, sift through profile after profile, not even reading what the person has to say about his or herself, judging the person on what is contained within that supposedly truthful little icon. Imagine this late Saturday night scenario you have often: a person instant messages you through an online dating site, and you immediately reject them due to the immediate appearance of their profile picture. I’ve never online dated, but this is supposedly what happens, quite often.

But what if there was a dating system where all judgement about appearance and the sound of someone’s voice was suspended? I propose such a site. The “dating” will occur on a site, but daters will be redirected to a theme park type environment created specifically for the site for their “date.” Daters will have to wear asexual suits resembling the figures in this comic:

Industrial designs of costumes coming soon.

The project will ultimately ask, is it possible for a world where men and women can consider themselves intellectual companions, rather than obstructing a relationship due to immediate perceptions about their sexual value? Are our desires really are own? Meanwhile, the project will shave off all the tedious uncomfortable alienating things about most online dating sites.

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