Final Abstract / solving the puzzle, modeling reality / stephany howard

I want to create an online puzzle, or database, or interface which functions as an interactive game and artistic metaphor for how the internet is revolutionizing the spread of information, and how humans are using the internet to form models of the way the world works (universal truth).  I want to create a sexy interface or game (of visual puzzle perhaps) not only to seduce people into using the internet to improve our individual models of universal truth, but also to create an interdisciplinary bridge between specialized interfaces on the web (like facebook, wikipedia, youtube, and twitter), such that harnessing the specialized potential of each site gives rise to solving a metaphorical puzzle.  Playing this game and solving the puzzle produces a unified sense of the model of truth that the internet provides—how do we use the internet to perfect our collective human model of truth?   I want to use this new puzzle / artwork / interface / database to help us embrace the internet and use it to create a unified, central model of reality through the specialized “feelers,” so to speak, of each of these specialized sites.

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