Final Abstract/ Lam Tran

Tattoos are ink injected into our skin. Its painful and permanent. When someone with one scars that area with a tattoo, the image is ruined. What if there is a tattoo that is not permanent or if made permanent, it will be able to heal itself. Viruses are normally not classified as organisms, and thus are somewhat controllable if someone controls the settings. Scientists have been using them as carriers for various genome therapies. What if scientists took this to the next level and into the realm of art. Tattoos that have ink pigment or something more advanced brought into our systems with viruses. What would be really nice if these compounds can be set to grow. These could be set to biodegrade on a scale of hours, to days, to years, or even lifetimes.  Or, if you want a permanent option that can heal itself, make use of retroviruses that will change the DNA of the skin tissue. That way, it may even be able heal itself if that area is cut or had a minor burn. Glowing tattoos that are made through either a simple injection or maybe even a pill. It sure beats spending an hour or more at a tattoo parlor.

This is based off my midterm and will take it to the next level by researching more about possible compounds and learning more about retro viruses in general.

Lam Tran

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