Final Project/Running/Cycling Simulator. /Yu Hsiao

Running/Cycling Simulator.

In the running and cycling communities, there are many notorious routes, courses, climbs, trails, that runners and cycling enthusiasts enjoy. Those different routes, and courses are scattered all over the world, and not every person could experience each courses’ enjoyment, due to expenses of travelling, or time. In this project, I want to develop a running/cycling simulator, where a screen would show the actual scenes of the course as the runner/cyclist makes his/her way around the course. The temperature of the course would also be simulated by an air conditioner. The humidity would also be simulated. Lastly the intensity of the actual course would be simulated through actual recordings of heart rate, and power so that the user of this installation would get a complete feel each unique course. I hope to allow everyone in the world, to get to experience different courses scattered all over the world, without spending too much money and time to travel to the actual course.

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