week 8

Space is abstract thing t o look at. It is defined the boundless, the three dimension extent in which objects and events occurand have relative position and direction.  Just like scientists define a three dimensional object with an analogy that people make three sorts of movements: up and down, left and right, and front and back.

This pictures from www.success.co.il exhibits an example of a subtle image of  space. In this image for instance, there are different views in one. This just supports the idea that space is a mixture of several things.

Another look at the space being constituted from many things will be the atmosphere. When we look at space, there is  the atmosphere, the strathosphere, the lithosphere and some other aspects of space. The atmosphere for insatnce, which roughly contains 78.08% nitrogen, 20.95% oxygen, 0.93% argon, 0.038% carbon dioxide, is an important part of  space. It provides most of the prominent molecules that are crucial for the funtionning of  the human body. The reason why I am personnally opting to elaborate about the atmosphere being an important constituant of  space is living things.  atmoshpere cartoons, atmoshpere cartoon, atmoshpere picture, atmoshpere pictures, atmoshpere image, atmoshpere images, atmoshpere illustration, atmoshpere illustrations For example, in this picture, which is taken from space, as it is read the ozone layer, which is a lasyor that absorbs the UV  radiation, is disappearing. Talking a little about this picture from http://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/a/atmoshpere.asp, we see that living species which is my concern in here are affected. This effect is somehow cyclical. It starts with legumes or any kinds of  leaves that we as human bodies consume, gets transfered to the animals and finally to us humans. Briefly speaking, anything that is space-related should get primary considerations of all. This is my claim for the simple reason that space is the fact that lead to or produce necessary nutrients for a human heart to pump. So when we talk about keeping the space clean, that includes the pollution etc.

The last thing I am going to discuss about  throughout the space blog is  how to purify or lowering the pollution in the air. According to http://www.coalitionforcleanair.org/press-release-cleaning-up-pollution-caused-by-freight-transport.html, a California agency that supports the idea of cleaning up the pollution, cleaning up California’s air will be expensive for the state and it will also have a major impact on heakth of millions of people.


Let us talk about why we should clean up the air. I think natural air is made to contain substances that sumhow acts as catalysts, to naturally regulate the portion of  necessary nutrients that go in the body and also prevent the earth from going on imbalance. I do npot know about the way scientists interpret this. I believe the impurity in the air is one of the biggest reason why today we encounter heinous phenomenon.

By Fabrice Keto

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