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Based on the reading “Two Cultures” by C.P. Snow, and our lectures, we have all found that there are two different cultures in “scientists” and “intellectuals.” I see how this is true and I do believe that in today’s society there is a very large gap between the two different types of people. The quote that says that one should know both the second law of thermodynamics and a play of Shakespeare is very important in today’s society. I understand that specialization is of utmost importance for the way our society functions. However, I feel that all people of either “culture” should know about the other and experience everything that it offers. However, this does pose the question: Can somebody in the scientist category sufficiently understand and enjoy literary intelligence? I am a first year engineering major and I have had every one of my classes on south campus. This is the first class I have had on north campus and I am very interested in it and the differences from south campus. I hope that I enjoy every aspect of south campus and can get some classes in north campus in the future.
Art and science are slowly interacting more and more as time progresses. As seen in Victoria Vesna’s work from lecture, technology is being mixed with art to create amazing pieces. Technology and science are allowing for new cutting-edge pieces of art. As our society continues to grow and as technology advances, art will become more and more technology based. I believe that the two cultures will continue to mix and become more important to each other. As professor Vesna stated in our first lecture, the Desma 9 class has grown every years for the past couple of years and if the pattern continues, the class will be completely full next time and will have to expand its limitations. Barriers can be broken and society can grow as more of a complete unit if literary and scientific intellectuals join together. The gap between the two cultures is very large but is slowly getting smaller and smaller. Both cultures are affected by each other.
The third culture will slowly evolve into society. John Brockman, the editor of the book entitled The Third Culture, states that the third culture is already established and that they are contemporary scientists. He feels that there is no need to try and bridge the two cultures together since the third culture has already been established according to him. He also feels that science is at the top of our culture and that art might actually slowly be fading away. Though I understand where he is coming from, I do not feel as though art will go away at all. Sure, our society is getting more technologically advanced every day but art is also growing. I feel that we still do need to try and bridge the gap between both cultures as much as possible. I do not believe that a third culture has been created and I do believe that it will be very beneficial if we can decrease the difference between the scientists and artists as much as possible.
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