Week 7/Induced Monogamy/Mark Signaigo

I was most interested this week in the information about the voles and the pairings to create monogamist tendencies. If we can isolate genetic causes for such feelings, the applications for humans are really interesting. We could have gene therapies, procedures, maybe one day even pills, which can create monogamist feelings in people. Somebody having relationship troubles would be able to go to the corner drug store and buy the solution to their marriage in a bottle. Experiments with oxytocin, the chemical which creates monogamy in the voles, have not produced similar results in humans yet. However, it owuld strongly suggest that there would be a similar chemical present in human physiology which could create singular attachment between people. If this could eventually be expanded beyond just monogamy and into other mindsets and emotions as well, the consequences are far reaching indeed. It would simply be a process of narrowing down the root genetic or chemical cause for any given emotion or disposition.
Actors on TV, in movies and on the stage wouldn’t need to act anymore. You could open a bottle of emotion pills and create the mood your character is playing without training or skill. THinking of the best actors in Hollywood today, you can think of there strongest, most emotional scenes and understand why they are the best. They are able to tap into their own deepest feelings to bring that power to the screen. Imagine, however, if instead of personal control and emotional contact that actor had simply taken a pill which creates an automatic emotional feeling of the desired kind. Pain, sorrow, joy, bloodlust; all these emotions would now be swallowed or injected into the actor before a scene. Singers could sound much more passionate about their music without really being connected to it. Writers suffering from writer’s block could induce an emotional state to match the story they are trying to create. Art would require a lesser degree of getting in touch with yourself, and need only the time it take to send yourself on an ‘emotional trip.’
Artists already undergo criticism for using too much technology in their work. Movies are said to have too many special effects, singers’ voices are altered in the studio, and computer design removes the subtle emotional beauty that can only be delivered by a human. Added to this list would be the fact that actors would no longer be acting, but instead simply mixing a pre-measured recipe of feelings. People might never be able to watch a movie again and know if what they saw on screen was genuine emotion or just “cookie-cutter feelings.”

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