Week7/ dancing bees!/James Martin

The presentation by Siddharth Ramakrishnan about consciousness was very interesting and enlightening. I definitely appreciate him giving his time for us because it was well worth it. A very interesting topic that he brought up was about dancing bees and how they communicate amongst each other. A question was raised about how bees were able to communicate about where flowers and other necessities for bees were located. The man who found the answer was Karl von Frisch. He found that the main source of communicating to other bees about food sources was by dancing. This was previously unheard of and is a very unique way of communication for bees. A scout bee goes out and finds the source and communicates its findings by dancing. The scout does its dance and the other bees try and mimic the scout. As they dance, they note and try to collect the fragrance of the scout bee to hopefully be able to find the source. Depending on the type of dance the scout bee does, it lets the other bees know the approximate distance of the source. Also, since the bees have the scent and the distance they are all able to find the source and find more food for the rest of the hive. The language of the bees is truly remarkable. However there are many skeptics of the dancing bee because to some, dancing does not seem like a plausible way of communication. Personally from what I have read and seen, I do believe that the bees communicate this way. Bees are truly a remarkable species and speak amongst themselves in a truly unique way. Many new ideas can come from the way of the bee but we need time to slowly learn more and more about them.


Another interesting topic was infrared sensing in some animals particularly snakes. There is recent information suggesting that the pit organs in snakes help with thermoregulation. The test that scientists set up to test this hypothesis was by placing snakes with refrigerators and seeing how the snakes would react. Certain snakes were able to locate something very quickly due to the pit organs and the thermoregulatory decisions. Other snakes were unable to find things that suggested that only some snakes with the pit organs were able to have the thermo sensing and that these snakes had pit organs. The only snake that has the pit organ is the pitviper. They have the special ability and advantage of having the pit organs that give them special sensing abilities. Both bees and the pit viper are truly extraordinary species and take advantage of what they do. They both communicate and react in special ways.



Siddharth Ramakrishnan was a very fresh break from the normal lecture and I am very glad he was able to take the time out and speak with our class. He gave us some very interesting insight on many different topics of consciousness. This brought up the idea of what exactly is it and how does it work. I hope as we progress as a society that we will uncover the truth about this foreign topic.

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    8/10. You could have focused on just one topic more in detail (e.g. dancing bees). Also - not very good sources (encyclopedia and http://www.answersingenesis.org).

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