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My name is Fabrice, and I am a guitar player. When I signed up for this class, I thought it would be all about science. I thought we would only be discussing concepts of science. Curiously, while reading the “Two Cultures”, I came to visualize that Design Media Arts acts as a mediator between science and humanities. As a science major and a music player, I would love to learn about the origin and the interconnection between the arts, science and technology because I think these are what truly control control or society and the way it works.

Many people perceive science as a an abstact concept. I would partly agree with them when it comes to the idea of speaking using words in a way in which literary persons do not recognize, as Snow reports. Additionally, the fact is that scienctists are in a religious term, unbelievers. One reason for this discrepancy is the fact that both religious and science concepts are too abstratct. When Snow talks about the two cultures doing something without having to think about it, I think he just makes a point about both science and religion are abstract. Science uses words that literary persons do not understand. In art, similar language that baffles those who are interested in science is also used. Archives reveal that there used to be a strong realtionship between science and art during the renaissance period.For instance, the society was founded by Kenneth Keele, who combined a distinguished career in medicine. We can conclude that when art and science are combined, as in Islamic art, the abstract becomes clear through the combination of the two. together they can bring clarity to one another so we can all be able to deduce those strange coded languages of art and science.

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