Week7/ Is Being Gay OK?/ Lam Tran

We all remember Prop 8.

Lots of signs saying NO on Prop 8. on campus and the protests that happened afterwards when it passed. Although California maybe very tolerant of homosexuality, it is not so for the rest of the nation. Probably the main reasons why it is so hard for others to accept such people are because they do not have enough interaction with gays and let media brainwash them or because of their religion. After all, God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Earl.


Here’s an article about the gay penguins. This is evidence that shows that homosexuality is not a choice. This is sort of like how choosing your race, it is not really your choice. So is it OK? Does seeing it in nature, making seem natural, make it acceptable? Will our mentality change? The article continues to point out that penguins are not the only ones that have been studied to exhibit some sort of gay gene. What seems to be more compelling is the Bonobo Ape. First off, these are primates that are very close to humans while penguins are considered birds. The bonobo ape population are almost all bisexual regardless of whether they are in the wild or in captivity. This location aspect is evidence to help prove that it could be genetic and not a social aspect that only wild bonobos have. Two years after this book, Bruce Bagemihl published a study that says that about 450 species that have a gay population in it. More examples of this are the rhesus macaques (a monkey) and bottlenose dolphin.

So if it exists in nature, does it make it natural and socially acceptable?

Now… back to the penguins…


Turns out that Silo, one of the two gay penguins in New York Central Park  Zoo, is not really gay at all. He has apparently gone straight. Now this sparks up more questions. Is being gay a choice or genetic? Do all animals have a preference of choosing the same sex instead of opposite? This then goes to Reparative Therapy.


Apparently there is a therapy that you can undergo to become straight if you are gay. The doctor on that link is a psychologist so he only deals with human perception and consciousness. There is no gene therapy involved or anything bio medically scientific involved.¬† Whether or not this treatment actually works is sort of debatable. If you wish to enter in this therapy, then that should mean that you are ashamed of yourself and reject your homosexual feelings. Perhaps it isn’t all therapy but mostly yourself wanting to change and then it eventually happens with some outside help. Regardless, this is sort of further proof that gay is a choice. Whenever a person makes that choice probably has to do with their unique set of memories that made them choose.

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