Week 1/Art and Science/Alice Nakata

As we have been discussing in class, art and science go hand in hand. But until I’ve joined this class, I have never thought of the abstract intertwining with logistics. In reality, though, the combination of art and science is everywhere, noticeably in the media.

Recently, I went to the El Capitan theater to watch the new Disney movie, “Bolt” in 3-D. During the film, I was amazed how movies evolved so much. A whole movie experience in the third dimension. I know that 3-D isn’t that amazing, especially with all the 3-D shows at Disneyland, but the thought that they made a whole movie with this effect caught my attention. I was imagining how the “behind-the-scenes” worked in the production of this movie. I can’t imagine how the computer science behind all of this works, but the advancement is simply amazing.

Speaking of computers, I came along a magazine today (I work at Borders so I look through them all the time) which was subtitled “Japanese Edition.” I, being Japanese, took interest in this magazine and started flipping through it. Some were graffiti, some were drawings, but many were “computer generated art.”
The most interesting art in the magazine to me was a collection of toys, made into the shape of a shoe. The design was first “blueprinted” on a computer, setting up how each toy would take up which space. Then one by one, artists put the toys together until it became one giant shoe. This might not sound surprising to anyone, but it was to me because they had to program each toy with their distinct shapes to make a replica of a shoe.


When I started to pay attention to my surrounding, I became aware that art and science belong together. I see most of them in the world of entertainment, but hopefully I will learn more that that as I continue to take this course.

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