week 6

As it sounds, biotechnology is technology based on biology, especially when used in agriculture, food science and medicine. Because biotechnology deals with living cells and stuff, it is often used in genetic engeneering. The way I look at it is that it is a powerful scientific tool for innovations. For example, this Insulin Cristals picture.  We know that Insulin plays has a big role in the metabolic and several other body systems as far as relieving glucose from the blood etc. Medically speaking, it is a very important hormone. Biotechnology can jump into this whole insulin thing in searching, for insatnce, about differents ways to either increase the quantity of Insulin in the human body or think about ways to engender a new hormone that will perform a similar job as Insulin.

  Another aspect of  biotechnolgy would be genetics. When the first human beings realized that they could plant their own crops and breed their own animals, they learned to use biotechnology. The discovery that fruit juices fermented into wine, or that milk could be converted into cheese or yogurt, or that beer could be made by fermenting solutions of malt and hops began the study of biotechnology. When the first bakers found that they could make a soft, spongy bread rather than a firm, thin cracker, they were acting as fledgling biotechnologists. The first animal breeders, realizing that different physical traits could be either magnified or lost by mating appropriate pairs of animals, engaged in the manipulations of  biotechnology. In this process, I think the difficult piece is being able to predict the exact traits of the species that will evolve as mating occurs. Just like the peocess of creating  sort of like new species from mating of different animals remained unknown untill the 90s, the process of predicting the exact traits or whether the traits could be either magnified ,or lost during mating, will also be known by scientists as time goes by. Scientifically speaking, I believe that doing this whole mating process on and on will enable scientists to have a better explanations regarding animals that lived centuries ago, namely Dinausors.

The last aspect of biotechnology that I am going to try to elaborate on is agricultue, which refers to the production of food and goods through farming and forestry. Agriculture was the key development that led to the rise of civilization, with the husbandry of domesticated animals. This is one of the reasons why I believe it should be given a careful look . Applying biotechnology in agriculture, we will have to focus on the differents ways in which to create food surpluses that will enable the development of a more densely populated and stratified societies.  Even though the fact that most of the American food is somehow man created , as I call it, at least it is a way to respond to the big economic concept of scarcity. Being able to produce products enough to feed every body in fast-growing countries such as the United States is one of the fact that people should be so grateful to the government structure for. Additionally, we should all give thank’s to the biotechnology companies for making it possible.

By Fabrice Keto

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