week 5/making connections/alice nakata

To be honest, I thought that this class went everywhere in regards to the topics each week. Ranging from math to the human body, it was difficult to make any type of connection. But when I really thought about it, I was able to make out a very vague common ground for all topics we discussed… Progression of time.

I think that all the topics we went over shows the change in views, technologies, and scientific advancements over time. Starting off with the Two Cultures, we went over how the views on Art and Science have changed from 2 completely separate ideologies, to people believing that it is actually 1 big ideology that goes hand in hand. In week 2, we discussed math, time and space. I remember we discussed architecture in this lecture. Architecture, which is based a lot on math, has not changed in the ways of calculating how a building will stay up. But the design of buildings have changed greatly with time. For example, ancient buildings, such as Athenian buildings, all look alike. But if we look around today, we see so many different designs of buildings, from tall to short and square to round. Week 3 was about robotics. This is pretty self-explanatory. Of course the technology to build robots will advance with time. But unlike the other weeks, I thought that maybe time progress and advancement might be a negative thing for robotics. If we try to make robots as much like humans as possible, we will have a great deal of ethical issues to have to go through. For example, will we treat them as we treat humans? What if one malfunctions, do we fix it? or rebuild a new one? If we “break” a robot, is it the same as “killing?” Although many see the advancement of technology concerning robot-making to be a good thing, I see it as a potentially serious problem. Lastly, in week 4, we discussed the human body. Of course time allowed many medical research to advance, beginning with the slicing of human body to MRI images. But another negative factor I see with this is the development of biological weapons. With the advancement in research in the medical field, people will be able to create biological weapons that can wipe out the human race with no sight, odor, or noise; airborne disease. This is probably one of the scariest thoughts and makes me want to stop time from allowing us to research farther.

My midterm project relates most to Week 4, as it has to do with the vital organ: the heart. I did not propose a new idea for any devices. I just simply produced an audiovisual file that will hopefully raise awareness that animals have hearts just as we do, and we are all trying to survive on this big blue planet. The killing of animals for greed needs to stop. They may seem “abundant” at first, but as we kill for fashion, decoration and money, these species become endangered, or even extinct. Once that happens, it is too late. So by presenting a project that shows the way both animals and humans are living is through the blood pumping through the body, I want people to realize that we need the same things to live, importantly the vital organ called the heart.

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