Week 5 / Midterm / Erum Farooque

Throughout these last four weeks we have tried to integrate science, technology, and art together, but this week we brought it all together. Art really is related to science and vice versa. I usually find that art occurs in science or science occurs in art through the use of the technology behind the art or science. From the last four weeks, the thing that stood out the most in my mind was the one of the first things we saw. It is professor Vesna’s project that we worked on where light projections on a wall were able to be modified by the shadows of people. It was such an interesting exhibit and definitely unique. I have not really heard of anything like it so when i heard of it i was completely intrigued by thisidea and would really love to visit the site of the project. That was art and science combined at its greatest. An outstanding quote discussed in this class was by Albert Einstein which said that imagination was far more important than knowledge. It is a completely ironic statement based upon who it is coming from, but to me, the quote makes perfect sense and I completely agree. being creative is more important than being smart. You need to be creative to make a living. Science requires creativity to come up with the idea for the next new advancement in the world of science and technology. You have to be able to think of the project before you canput your brain and knowledge to constructing it and calculating everything that is needed. The same goes for art, you have to be creative before you can put your skill to creating your next masterpiece. The statement is ironic coming from Einstein since his name is synonymous with scientificgenius, yet he is proclaiming the object field of study, art, to be of far greater importance than his own field. Math and art being combined was an interesting topic because at first it made no sense, but when Professor Vesna explained it, I saw how math appeared in art and in high school my art teacher told me how art appeared in math.

For my midterm project, I came up with the idea of an art program similar to Microsoft Paint or Adobe Photoshop on a touch screen monitor being placed in art museum or wherever. Whatever would be done in the art program would be projected through lasers as a hologram in the middle of the room. Then as the art program’s work would be modified, the hologram would be modified as well. Then at the end, the user could physically make little changes to the hologram and the program would also educate the user about the project, art and science.  This ties into the first week’s topic of two cultures combining into one. It clearly integrates art into the project by providing a means of self expression to the user and it clearly integrates technology as well through the advanced computer system, program, and hologram. It combines science by the science  used to make the system and the science of the hologram.

I don’t know if this applies but I including a link to a scene from a kid’s movie where someone creates holographic girl and in this clip she is on a date with a boy who does not know she is a hologram. The other boy tries to maintain her image without anyone finding out what she really is and she can not touch anyone or her image will be distorted. Which is one of the trials of holograms that my midterm project has to triumph over.


By Erum Farooque

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