Paige Marton/midterm blog/week 5

Having to choose a concept that related back to the two cultures and art science and technology seemed so broad that I was sure I could find something to do. However, it took countless hours to develop my initial idea into the concept/invention I presented in my midterm. My device uses sensors to detect brain activity in specific regions where most dreams are created. With this information it creates a video stream that illustrates the dream you had according to the brain waves it receives. It then archives the dreams in its memory card and you have the ability to watch your dreams. When I came up with this idea I was writing a paper on surrealism, the subconscious, psychoanalysis, and Freud. These topics inspired me to think of a modern way to interpret dreams using science and technology. There is already technology present that can map brain waves and manipulate them and I concluded that my invention would work in a similar manner. My concept relates back to the human body, robotics and possibly a new age way of diagnosing psychiatric patients. 

I was expecting to create an art project because thats my background and its honestly what I’m most interested in. But I was pleasantly surprised by my concept and the amount of science and modern technology I had to research to understand the possible ways it could work. I believe this invention truly embodies the two cultures. It explores such an abstract human experience through tangible science and technology. It really connects the two ideas of art and science to create a machine that can explore what artists have expressed through their work for ages. 

At first glance, all the topics covered in our first four weeks seem disjointed. However, I am finally starting to see the connection and my project is the embodiment of my understanding.

-paige marton

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