Week 5/ So Far (Midterm Blog)/ Andrew Curnow

Throughout the first 5 weeks of class various ideologies, theories and innovative techniques were presented to the students.  What started in my own mind as a contemplation of the separation of the Sciences from the Arts quickly dwelled into a realization that in both our society and our universe the sciences and art are constantly intertwined, if not interchangeable. During the second and third weeks, mathematics and authenticity of art were discussed. Which further expanded my thought that even math being formed using a pen and paper could easily fall into the category of art when applied to a physical object. During the fourth week, the class dwelled more into a biological perspective. It was at this time that I began to realize that in its entirety, art and science though commonly separated by opinion, is hardly distinguishable in the human body. Simply examining the human body is concrete evidence that not only shows one of the most complex scientific objects known, but also perhaps one of the most intriguing art pieces available to mankind.  This particular week was interesting to me, simply because we learned to what extent an individual would ‘use’ their body in the name of art, whether through a simple tattoo, to plastic surgery making them a living statue. Thus over the past weeks not only did I realize that the distinction between North and South campus ‘rivalries’  are somewhat unnecessary, but also in my opinion the combining of both culture would be innovative and productive for society.

In my own midterm project, I conveyed a rather strange idea of allowing a human to be put in a soundless, dark chamber, having control only of an android in their place for a period of time, both giving them the ability to feel the power of technology but also allowing researchers to exam the extent possible of human dependency on robotics. Though the somewhat cryptic idea of being ‘put away’ for an android replacement seems like something out of a science fiction film, I believe that I truly related it to the past few weeks’ worth of information in the class. At one point in the class, we discussed the future of technology in the world, and the depiction of the future in past films such as ‘Metropolis’. Additionally, we discussed the ‘art form’ of robotics and mechanical engineering. However, the controversy stands at how far is robotics ‘ethically correct’. Even as an art form, the ever-present fear of a robot run world is stronger than ever. This being said, I believe it is necessary for human kind to be truly aware of the effects on our own minds and instincts if dependence on robots increases. That was exactly what my project proposal tested. Though artistically speaking, it gives an individual to, in essence, become a piece of art work through the android, it furthermore allows research to be formulated as to how complete dependency on a mechanical creation affects the human psyche. Though it could be said that the project does not relate to the class, I truly believe that it falls directly under the discussions of technology in our future.

Overall, I look forward to the next few weeks in the class. Having discussed the similarities and differences in both the science and art fields, as well as dwelling into forms of an artistic mixture of both, I am optimistic as to what will be presented next.

-Andrew Curnow

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