Week5/ Putting It All Together/ James Martin

This my first class at UCLA that has dealt with north campus and the arts and I am thoroughly enjoying it. The first week of class we covered the two different cultures in society and I specifically placed my argument around the UCLA campus. The difference between north and south campus seemed very large because I had only been here one quarter and my first impression was that there was a big difference. My life was on south campus and Desma is my first class on north and the difference is pretty drastic. South campus seems a lot more structured than north campus. However, north campus is much more free and artsy. The second week consisted of math and art. The golden ratio really intrigued me. It seemed to fit everything that was “perfect” including shapes and faces of the most “beautiful.” I must admit though, I do tend to enjoy the art with math than without it. The third week was all about robotics and art. Robotics interests me especially since my major right now is mechanical engineering. There are many companies that I am interested that are involved in robotics so I researched this topic a lot. There are many art projects that are involved with robotics and many them were very interested. I spoke of a robotic suit that allowed for superhuman strength. Robotics are very important and technology base but I brought of the question: Is there a point in which we will take robotics too far and thy will be too powerful? Week four was about the human body. Plastic surgery seemed to be a major topic for many people and it was for me as well. It was first developed to help disfigured people but now the average person can get it to enhance them. It is a very big fad and seems to continuously grow as we progress. Several different things affect art. Before Desma started, I always saw art as just art and nothing more. Now that we have progressed through the class, I keep seeing mre and more ways in which art is connected to many other things. Professor Vesna has taught us a lot so far this year and I am looking forward to the upcoming weeks to see how art can be used in other ways.

The idea I came up with was to create a very large replica of a human body and allow people to go into the body to learn about it. A first hand experience of the human body seems like it might help a lot of people learn and retain information. The human body is very complex and is very hard to learn about. A virtual tour and being able to actually be in a body would allow for the participant to actively learn and retain information. The human body in itself is a piece of art. It is the perfect model for other pieces. A healthy body is much more desirable than a very unhealthy and if we can show the common person the differences between the two, it will be very beneficial.

James Martin


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