Week 5: Midterm: Putting it all together from art to science and technology By Claudia Zapien

When it came to the midterm anything was fair game for a project. Because I’m very interested in the medical field I thought it would be exciting to come up with a very technologically advanced way to help people deal with addictions as a sort of with addiction therapy. I know that if I was faced with an addiction that would deteriorate my health I would be a lot more motivated to quit the habit if I was faced with the consequences on my body due to the substances that I am putting into my body. I feel that once people see the destruction for themselves with their own eyes they will be a lot more careful putting toxic substances in their body.

Due to previous psychology classes I know that virtual reality is now used to help people deal with their phobias and I thought it would be perfect if there was something cool like a virtual video game that a person could use to go into their own body and see first hand the effect that substance abuse causes in their body. Because this program would be interactive, the patient would be the one controlling where to go in the body. It wouldn’t be like a lecture where a voice just lectures you about the effects of drug, alcohol, or tobacco consumption, but the patient would be ask where he/she would like to go and they would be able to feel and smell the effects that certain chemicals have in the body.

While doing research and trying to look to find something similar to what I had in mind, I came across this very interesting project called CAVEman. It is a combination of computer technology, CT scan, x-ray, hologram, and virtual reality technology coming together to bring us the first virtual human body. At this stage of the project the 4D human body is a virtual image of a human body. We are able to see the muscles, organs, and different body tissue, etcetera.

I believe that CAVEman is a great way of bringing together the “two culture” of art and science. The project that I would like to bring to life would be something very similar to CAVEman, but it would be a lot more high tech and interactive. We need the science and math to develop powerful enough computers that can process those types of images, but it is just as important to have the technology to sustain these programs as the actual artistic ability of the program to make the images realistic and almost life like.

The deeper I got into the project I realized that the four topics that were covered in lecture of “Two Culture”, “Mathematics” Industrialization and Robotics” and “The Human Body” are all incorporated in the CAVEman and in the project that I have in mind. The production of computes began because of industrialization. If it wasn’t for the industrial revolution and the urge to make computers be more than just data collector we are able to design these types of programs. These great programs do not just create art, but they help the development of medicine, military training, and so much more. The whole virtual reality concept might first seems as if it’s a video game and not something that can be life saving but virtual reality technology is very used full even now when it comes to surgical training, phobia therapy, and helping scientist study microscopic subjects.  It is thanks to development in art, science and technology that we are able to come up with all of these life saving techniques.


-Claudia Zapien

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