Week5: Midterm Blog - It all comes together, by Joon Jang

The first two weeks talk about two apparent opposites, the art and the sciences.  The material in the second week discusses the art’s need for science and the science’s need for art for their development.  For example, as mentioned in the second and the fourth weeks of class, artists have studied anatomy to improve their realism in drawing human figures.  This implies that art and science are interrelated, if not, as Leonardo Da Vinci said, one and the same in their essence.  The third and fourth weeks are related to each other by the fact that the improvements in the industrial equipments also improve the medical aspect of our lives.  The artworks arising from the fruits of industrial and medical technology indicate that the link between art and science is as strong as ever.  But this time, unlike in the second week, where art increased the need for science, the third and fourth week focuses on the motivation that art receives from contemporary sciences.  The reasons for this may include controversial technologies, and/or the downside of current technology that asks certain activist artists to speak out and express their opinions through art.  Also, a more direct effect that science has on art as covered in the third and fourth weeks is the increase in freedom and the scope at which an artist can explore; thanks to technology, there are now digital arts, nano arts, bio arts, 3D printing, laser art, robotic art, statistical art using the internet for its data, and so much more.  What allows the first two weeks and the next weeks of class to be linked to each other is the mathematical aspect that continues from ancient times to this day.
It is important to note that art and science has the same fundamental goal, which is to improve the quality of life of human beings.  This is the aspect that links the first two weeks of class with the next two weeks, which focused more on materialistic improvements.  Since the goal is the same from both sides, even if they are supposed to be completely opposite to each other, their paths must cross.
My presentation has very much to do with the Two Cultures; it deals with the mystical/artistic with the scientific.  It is an attempt to join together the two aspects for its universal purposes of educating of the scientific as well as the mystic (although considering where science is going, it may no longer be considered mystical in the future).  The presentation also relies on the industry that produces the materials necessary to build the project, with identical tubings, for example, as well as the computing power that operates the project.  That brings me to the medical and mathematical aspect of my presentation, which relies on the GDV sensors which are medical tools, and calculations necessary to make the fountains react to the signals on the sensors.  And again, the presentation combines all four aspects for a single purpose of improving our lives.
In the first week of class, I did not see much potential in the joining of art and science.  However, as I worked on my presentation, I realize the potential of their combination.  Art can be a way to deliver messages to people and inspire them; science can be a way to achieve it.  Science can be a way to create a world of freedom where people can explore anything they want; art can be a way to achieve it.

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