Throughout the first 5 weeks of class, we have been exposed to a wide variety of combinations of art and science. The first week focused on the division between the two cultures that revolve around both art and science. in my first blog, I emphasized the differences in these cultures that I personally feel in my everyday life. However, as the weeks progressed I have come to realize that the line between these two cultures is a very fine one indeed.

Week 2 was pretty exciting because we were able to focus on math in art and science. I loved researching the fourth dimension and trying to apply it to both areas of study. It is so interesting how different people interpret the fourth dimension and how it is used in both the artistic and scientifice worlds. Even though I use the fourth dimension in calculations, I would never have imagined the impact it had on the artistic world.

Week 3, I chose to discuss the issue of reproducing art and its relation to keeping the original “aura” after it had been technologically reproduced. The essay presented in the class readings shed a new light on the concept of the originality and meaning of art. I would have passed off reproductions as not being as good before this essay convinced me that the importance of art is how it makes you feel in that moment.

Week 4 resulted in probably the most disturbing video I have seen in a long time. While I discussed the idea that medicine is an art within itself, other people chose to discuss using the human body as a form of artwork. The video of the tribe shown in class was a drastically different way of viewing medicine and art and the human body. It definitely opened my eyes to something that I would never have even imagined before this week. The idea of plastic surgery as medicine and art was also a popular topic on the blogs. Again, I would not have thought of this as art because I tend to see the human body as a work of art in itself.

Overall, I have been exposed to topics and discussions in the first five weeks that I never would have sought out on my own.

I chose to incorporate some of these topics into my midterm project-The Art Airliner. The Art Airliner relates to week 1 because it helps bridge the gap not only between the two cultures, but also between different people across the world. By combining art and the newest technology, the Art Airliner attracts many people who may consider themselves to be a part of only one of the cultures.

My project also focused heavily on week 3, the industrial side of art and the technological reproduction of artwork. The Art Airliner uses new technology to reproduce famous works of art and bring them to areas of the world that typically would not be exposed to the artwork. I would not have though of using technology to reproduce art before the discussions in week 3. After reading the assigned reading, I realized that many people will appreciate even a reproduced work of art because of the way it makes them feel. This is the premise for bringing the holograms onto the airborne museum.

Although my project doesn’t focus on medicine, the idea for it is rooted in an airborne hospital-the ORBIS Flying Eye. Currently, there is a teaching hospital that circles the globe in hopes of curing blindness. I thought that if they could make a hospital airborne, an airborne museum would also be possible and very beneficial.

Therefore, my project attempted to incorporate the majority of our lecture topics. I definitely could not have come up with the Art Airliner before taking this class.

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