week 5/ midterm blog

Every thing or every process in the world can be artistically interpreted.  In otherwords, an artist job is to manage in divergent ways to explain whatever the phenomenon is. For instance, in the case of my piece of work I sought to elaborate about the myth of morbity, a disease that comes from another disease. It is a little enigmatic to conceive or picture the reality of a morbid just because of  the fact that it is a disease that comes from another one.  As an artist, one should seek to reason out a kind of  a universal way to express morbidity. For example, looking at a morbid as a living thing that multplies itself , I believe can be an option that will lead to a better view or understanding of morbidity.

Another way to look at the concept of morbidity can be making a connection between life and death. This will allow the artist to make the idea of death more familiar, thus less scary to people. One can trace a liason about living species and dead ones. One can say that when a creature comes to existence, he or she is expected to either be in a good health condition or in a medical condition, which is an abnormal condition of state. This can also be explained or elucidated to people by reminding them that a human body is created of groups of organs that are faillible sometimes. This is really important for people to bear in mind all the time because humans tend to completely forget about that because most people expect body organs to overcome all sorts of intemperances. For example, just the fact that people walk outside with the air molecules collide with them an medical condition can occur. This is to make people realize and always carry in their minds that there are two conditions that people can be in. And that is either in sick condition or medical condition or in good health.

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