Week5/Midterm/Lam Tran

The class started off with two diverse topics: Science and Art.

It started with two cultures.¬† Stereotypes of both are shown. The division between the two sides¬† are clearly shown. Each side has their pro’s and con’s. However, its clear that the point of this week is to show that one cannot exist without the other. You need creativity to make advances and you need knowledge in science to create your art. Paints and ceramics and other traditional forms of artistic work all require chemicals that you need knowledge in. Frontiers in science require ideas and creativity that is unprecedented.

Then we went back in time. We saw the history of art and mathematics and how they use to be intertwined. Vanishing point is an example of an artistic technique that requires mathematical concepts to master. This gave 3d depth to paintings. Golden ratio was also developed and implemented into paintings, giving them more proportionate images. I still remember the youtube video on the 10 different dimensions that was also very interesting.

We did see a lot of youtube and movie clips. This helped made the class more interesting because we were able to see this art and technology mesh in real life. This is a lot different than seeing SteelArc examples because those, in my opinion, are weird and gross. Why would you want a third ear on your arm? The movie clips helped bring examples to the following week’s topics. Metropolis showed robotics in art. The Modern Age showed us industrialism. We saw sci fi movie clips (The Island, The Matrix2, etc) that helped portray the human body science element in today’s art. All these are a lot less abstract, when compared to other fine artists’ works, and easier to connect to us students, who are not art majors. The only bad thing about this is that the clip starts getting good and we want to finish the movie but we can’t. Sometimes Prof. Vesna or someone else gives out an ending to a movie I have not seen and it ruins it if I decide to watch it later.

My midterm project has to do a lot with the biotechnology and human body element. Viruses are being used to help alter DNA in human cells. Retroviruses are developed to change cancerous cells back to health normal ones. Also, doctors are using coloring agents to help mark cancerous tissue so they are easy to identify when in surgery. So i was thinking of using viruses as a carrier to bring these coloring agents and injecting them into the cells. So its basically like a tattoo without the needle or ink. It can also be made temporary if the coloring agent breaks down naturally or permenate with a retrovirus. It really doesn’t have a deeper message behind it or a purpose like that example shown in class with the greenhouse that shows the effects of pollution. Its more like a artform that might be used to portray a message or theme. Using the body as a medium is basically it.

Lam Tran

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