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What do Two Cultures, Mathematics, Perspective, Time and Space, the Industrial Age, Kinetic Art, Robotics, the Human Body and Medicine have in common?  My answer is going to take some time to explain but if you want “it” in one word, then that word would have to be: Escapism.  Let me start by saying that I don’t have in mind any negative connotations in regards to escapism.  All the aforementioned topics are realms of romantic ideals based in the laws of our universe.  These topics are ways in which we explain the world to ourselves, how we utilize the knowledge that we have acquired and how the human escapes his biological being to connect with data, cultures, and practices that take us to unknown and mysterious worlds.
Fashion designer, Isaac Mizrahi poignantly iterates my argument, “Style makes you feel great because it takes your mind off the fact that you’re going to die.”  I believe that the argument presented in The Two Cultures began the class by offering two worlds that humans could attribute their actions and life to.  In this case, humans became the ideals of their particular group and “escaped” the boredom of “just” being human.  Humans assign themselves groups, they take on perspectives and quite possibly they step on others “shoes”.  Mathematicians lose themselves in algorithms and equations, Artists in an obsession with mathematically correct perspective, Scientist in the creation of artificial life.  In line with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, humans have to “escape” from their primary physiological needs to unravel the greater mysteries of the universe.  So instead of escapism I might instead say that the evolution of the human consciousness is the thread that ties this entire class together.
I believe that my proposed project not only uses many of the subjects we have explored in class as a foundation, it also is a great example of how easily the topics can be woven together to create remarkable inventions.  My project requires mathematics in order to handle the computations to solve the complex series of difficulties that might present themselves as a result of using the incalculable amount of lights and colors.  Being a 40-foot installation, the human perspective is a vital calculation in the construction of the installation.  The human experience when interacting with such an installation is pivotal to the entire experience and message.   Besides from using technology I think that my project has the possibility to be a beautiful structure that is a reflection of the health of a community.  A physical representation of ones contribution to the community is a powerful image that I hope will empower people to engage their local and global communities.
My idea of the human extending his consciousness beyond the biological basic needs also holds true for my installation.  My artistic project is representational of that personal fire that inspires people to do what ever they choose.  My project is based on the euphoric emotions that humans experience at times in history when anything seems possible.  This “tipping point” fascinates me because it is the frontier of the next stage of a civilizations evolution.   It is this emotion created by endorphins, serotonin, and specific events throughout history that I wished to capture so that no community ever forgets that they can achieve anything.  Like music, I want my installation to be like a drug that one never has to take but instead only has to feel.  In conclusion, the thread of romanticized ideals and reality that underlines the class leaves no exception in regards to my silly installation.

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