week 3/kinetic art/paige marton

I have been anticipating the transition into more detailed accounts of the products of the two cultures. And in this weeks lecture, Industrial Age, Kinetic Art, and Robotics we studied the various outcomes the two cultures can have on the economy, art and society. It never crossed my mind that Fordism and Taylorism, strictly business related practices, related back to what we discussed in class. Robotics was obviously related to science but I was curious to see the relationship to the other realm. I was pleased to discover robotic and kinetic art, which on the surface and in more abstract ways combine the two cultures. I believe Marcel Duchamp’s bicycle wheel is one of the first kinetic sculptures. However, I definitely don’t associate him with the two cultures or anything science related. I believe kinetic art is a very particular and unique combination of the two cultures; it is very different from art about science. An artist who creates very interesting kinetic art is James Woodfill. His works incorporate scientific methods of production and ideas. The use of Taylorism and Fordism in business production reflects scientific management and the assembly line. They were both considered radical at the time of their conception; however, they proved to be successful methods. As I contemplated the ideas behind these two practices, I realized their methods are also applicable to art making. Famous artists Andy Warhol and Murakami are known to have their peers and muses work on certain aspects of the production of their art, similar to an assembly line. With more research and a greater understanding of art science and technology, I am starting to find how connected these forces really are. 

sorry i always have to give links to my photos, for some reason it wont let me upload them. here is duchamp’s bicycle wheel    http://www.bikefriday.com/sites/default/files/images/WEB-lyn-duchamp.jpg

and heres the link to james woodfill’s website.    http://jameswoodfill.com/information/information.html

-paige marton


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