Week 1/ Rap/ Ariel Alter

(to be sung in a monotone voice to http://www.millerarts.com/interactive/BubbRubb/BubbRubbSoundBoard.html

livin’ without internet and other hypermedia
can’t look up highfalutin concepts like “infinity”
on wikipedia

my mind stops when an established set of ideas are impenetrable
i can’t seem to reach any other higher level

than a direct translation of word to image
illustrational tendencies are pushing me further to the edge

because i’m trapped inside a basement watching cardboard people dance
gyrating and spinning
there’s an obstruction to the entrance

where outside there is the elusive Funny Woman
filling up bleachers
and there is no Bible or Koran

a direct experience would only provide proof
to a zionistĀ  with a hammer
and frat boys walking on the roof

I’m just a valley girl and would like for you so heavily to ponder that political implication
the sweat on my palms has flooded
there’s no point to think about infinity in a somnambulist nation

my body’s limp and melting closer to the void
my only pedestal of support is an atavistic mongoloid

i’ve been tryin’ to keep a tab on how much you’ve been kissin’ me
but the tally marks are accumulating
and blurring to infinity


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