Week 2\Volumes and Math\Amy Chen

            I thought it was really interesting this week to read about how artists of the past have tried to find and paint the 4th dimension in Henderson’s “Geometry in Modern Art.”  I enjoyed reading about the cubist artworks and how they’ve tried to depict all perspectives of an object.  I remember seeing a painting of Picasso’s at the Hammer Museum of a guitar.  It showed the strings, the back and front of the guitar, the texture of the guitar and even the black hole inside the guitar, which was depicted as a black rectangle.  In lecture we could tie this to the painting Professor Vesna showed of a figure descending the stairs.  It’s as someone had taken a picture of someone with a show shutter speed, you see the figure at the top all the way to the bottom; the areas where an arm might interlock with it’s previous location can be seen in more dense concentration of paint.  I thought the artist’s depiction of the 4th dimension were really interesting.  I also felt one of the TA’s works was related, he did a sculpture of a a falling leaf and captured the interlocking volumes together in a sculpture, this reminded me of Boccioni’s “Unique Form of Continuity in Space” (Shown Below).  Since in Section D we’re allowed a lot of freedom with our blogs, I also decided to do a similar idea.  I drew roughly 15-20 figures (with 90 seconds each), different perspectives and different poses, but began all figures at a general head area.   Not as cool as the sculptures though haha.


It’s cool to do a rendition of an idea based off of what others have done.  Looking at Boccioni’s sculpture now, it’s kind of easy to see where he got his form, as his and my rendition of continuous movement are slightly similar.  


And about Fractals, I didn’t realize just how much math is involved in fractals until I looked it up. Pretty crazy  (http://www.hiddendimension.com/Mathematics_Main.html)

This is another interesting link for art of the 4th dimension. (http://www.strangehorizons.com/2002/20020916/fourth_dimension.shtml)


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