Week2/Art, Science and Monkeys Part2/Connor Petty

Mathematics is universal. That is why it is easiest for an artist to use mathematics in order to express his or her creativity. Math defines fundamental shapes: triangles, squares, etc… that are instantly recognizable in anyone’s eye (unless they are blind). But using math to create art is not like painting a canvas; it is like looking through an infinitely large gallery and picking painting that you like. To me, that doesn’t seem like something that could very well be considered art.

borg cube

Take the above picture is an example of such a piece of “art”. As interesting as it looks, it is precisely defined by an equation. Because it is defined by an equation, it can viewed anytime and in any perspective with the help of 3d rendering software. The problem arises when I attempt to see the human element of the “artwork” because it really doesn’t exist. No human participated in the drawing of the image, because no human could draw it. It is what this class deems “mathematical artwork”. To me, “mathematical artwork” is not real artwork because real artwork is “human” artwork. If a person made a painting based upon the above image, I would deem that painting as artwork because a person actually drew it. I’m not saying that artwork cannot be produced with the help of tools, tools do not remove the human factor. Even if an artist uses a compass to draw a circle that doesn’t mean that the circle cannot be deemed artwork. As long as a person controls the production of the piece of work, it can always be considered artwork.

With that in mind, technology can be a very valuable tool to help an artist create his or her work. Take for example this video: Painting Mona Lisa with MS Paint. Even with the simplest computer painting tool, MS Paint, it is possible to create a famous piece of artwork in far less time that it would take otherwise. But always bare in mind that the less time it takes to create a piece of artwork, the less important that artwork becomes. If a piece of artwork can be created instantly, then it might as well have not even been created since the tools creating it are so extensive that dropping a rock on the keyboard to hit that “create” button would be more artistic than the image that appears on screen as a result. An artist should never rely on tools so much so that a trained monkey could create an identical piece of work in the same amount of time if given those same tools.

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