Week 2/Mathematics, Perspective, Time, Space/By Erum Farooque

I always thought artists had it so easy. All they do is paint pictures, or design some other visually appealing piece, sell them, and go out to fancy parties if they were successful. It seems like such a easy and fun job of only creating beauty, so much more so than anything south campus has to offer. I got even more of that impression from an art major who lives on my floor and never has homework and parties nonstop, always drunk as well. However, viewing all the artwork the T.A.s had done in their art careers so far made me realize that art takes a lot of dedication, patience, skill, and long hours only to end up with something, sometimes, that only makes sense to you. It ending up being too abstract with no meaning would be frustrating. I wanted to be a graphic designer because it sounds fun and not extremely difficult. Tweaking and creating images on the computer sounds nice for a profession but the pieces of art every T. A. created looks like it took a lot of time dealing with every little detail on the computer.

Art is very much based on perspective. People can see one piece as beautiful while another can declare it nothing but trash. Also, different people have different perspectives and see different ideas, pictures and things in the same work of art. Optical illusions work the same way. The two optical illusions that Professor Vesna showed in class are very common optical illusions that i have seen before so i found two other very common pictures that come out different based on your personal perspective.



Going through that website will give you more remarkably interesting pictures that change based on your perspective.

It was very interesting when Professor proved the requirement of math in art. I never knew art used so much math in it and really was amazed at how the best works of art use so much math. The golden ratio that is used in art  was hilarious when applied to the face. It was very interesting to see that the faces of the “beautiful people” matched the golden ratio face perfectly.

Reading the article “MUSIC and THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE”, I realized how math can be applied to music as well as physical art. Math is applied to physical art by using ratios and proportions to measure the figures to resemble reality. Math is applied to the musical world as well, along with physics, through the construction of the musical instruments. Without math one could not properly build the instruments because you need math to be able to tell what size everything should be and how tight the strings should be to make the perfect desired sounds.

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