week 2/math and art/paige marton

In this weeks lecture, Mathematics, Perspective, Time and Space I learned about many awe-inspiring happenings in nature. To be honest I wasn’t looking forward to this lecture; just the word mathematics is intimidating to me. But I was pleasantly surprised. The affect nature’s formula has on modern day life and design that’s reflected in the golden ratio is astonishing. This chain of efficiency lead me to think about the way we treat our environment and how truly essential it is to our way of living. Buckminster Fuller always respected nature and acknowledged the limited resources the planet and nature has to offer. “A wondrous new anthology about the planet’s friendly genius. Read Bucky’s legacy about a greater understanding and appreciation of our world and the resources we are granted. Start the 21st Century off with a true visionary ahead of his time.” –Mark Elsis

          As I sifted through the many artist websites provided on the homepage one in particular stood out, Nathan Selikoff. His artist statement really moved me. His work links art and mathematics, which could be seen as polar opposites, but with society evolving, the two seem to be closer than ever. Technology is his medium and he creates beautiful artwork through his own interactive programming. My favorite pieces (which can be found here http://www.nathanselikoff.com/strangeattractors/) are a reflection on “the complexity of simple mathematical functions”. I would never imagine linking mathematical functions and art together, yet the results are breathtaking.             

            In lecture we looked further into the world of the golden ratio. I was very excited to focus on the ratio because the recent artwork I’ve produced at ucla is centered around the idea. With the discussion of the golden ratio came a number of related topics such as fractals and Fibonacci’s sequence. I never realized natures ability to create efficient growth could be translated into product design and economics, the video Fibonacci, fractals, and financial markets: socionomics was mind blowing. I loved learning about new ways the golden ratio affects everyday life. It really made me appreciate how extraordinary nature is.

            With Nathan Selikoff’s concepts in mind, I found a blog with a focus on technology, mathematics, and software in art and design. http://www.generatorx.no/ generator x focuses on art from code, which I do not practice, but I still found it very interesting.  Another interesting resource was generator x’s flickr account that showcases other mathematical artwork. http://flickr.com/groups/generatorx/ With all these sources in mind, it is quite obvious that art and math do have a natural connection. 

-paige marton



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