Week 2

Here is a picture of a terresact rotating around plane in 4D. Just looking at this picture, we can automatically tell that  a fourth dimension has required so much efforts to discover. When Leonardo reports that a Non-Euclidian geometry, also known to describe hyperbolic and elliptic geaomtry, never achieved never achieved the popularity of  the fourth dimension, I think he is totally right because shapes in fourth dimension are composed of extremely complicated geometry. He also reports that the enigmatic view of  shapes in fourth dimension caused many scientists not to want to pursue studies in a four dimension. This result is most likely to be authentic to humans. Generally speaking, in actual generations scientists do not  spend as much time as  old ones did. It is true that old scientists dealt with tough cases too. For instance, the U-V catasdtrophe. But in general, I think today’s scientists are less motivated or fascinated into subjects such as connecting the fourth dimension to the Non-Euclidean geometry. The fourth dimension named “time” after scientists applied differents theries to it became somehow one big  tool that connects artists and scientists. As I reported in my last blog, science and art have always been or worked together. One acts as a complement of the other.



As most of us can recall, what we have above are pictures of geometric figures that we are familiar with.  Hyperbolic, Euclidean and Ellipic  shapes that have been explained in science but made possible to visualize through art. Again art and science together equals world’s view in the fourth dimension. The reiterate in the discussion of time as a fourth number, I would like to interpret what is reaelly going on in this pictuure. We see the earth globe on a sort of  like a moving plane.  If we were to look down this picture is a, we would merely observe a 3-D which is refered to as the world we live in plus a one dimension plan known as time. In other words, the world moves as time goes by. I believe representing it in a such way is good because it gives a perfect view of  what it is to live in a moving planet. This is relevant to us or especially to me as an aspiring scientist in that it makes me estimate how much the world will change by as time the fourth dimension goes by. The beauty of  the insertion of art  in such a matter is to allow one to visualize what the subject is.  So science can be so complicated without pictures or pieces of art as illustrations.             

By Fabrice Keto

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