week 8 extra credit

Gastronomic science is an important scientific field to consider. When I heard about David’s lecture title ” the gastronomic sciences”  I quickly pictured the concerned field, the Univerisity of Gastronomic sciences. This is an institution whose main objective is to bridge the gap between agricultural science and gastronomy. It was founded in January 2003 and today has two campuses in Italy according to its history.

The picture to the right from http://www.unisg.it/eng/sitemap.php exemplifies a lanscape of agriculture of  basically the field of our concern.


The term Gastronomic Sciences is broad or vage. Deep down it is constituted of many things. Agriculture for instance has a myriad of fields, namely elementary agriculture, secondary agriculture, college agriculture and general agriculture.  I believe when one tries to establish a connection between agriculture and science one should consider studying or conducting serious studies about all branches of agriculture.

Agriculture is a field that refers to an area of  land enclosed for cultivation purposes. To my prospective, I think if the world’s agriculture was all stabilized most of the hunger problem will be solved. This is one of the most significant and gigantic issue in many counrties of the world. For instance, in Africa many countries are less developed because of  the paucity of development in agriculture, which has a great impact in the country’s economy.  Stock Photo - industrial agriculture-  large broccoli  field, california.  fotosearch - search  stock photos,  pictures, images,  and photo clipart

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